Trinity 9 homily and more

From Deacon Ron Reno:

Good afternoon. We had a lovely Deacon’s Liturgy along with beautiful music last weekend. We have been having many visitors so I thought it would be a good time to talk about “What We Believe.”  Our doctrine is Catholic Doctrine with an Elizabethan twist. We do not try to reinterpret what the bible professes.

“We profess the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith professed by the whole Church before the disunion of East and West; more particularly, as professed by the Church of England, as it stands distinguished from all [medieval] and Puritan innovations, and as it adheres to the Doctrine of the Cross.”
Thomas Ken, Bishop of Bath and Wells, England (1637-1711)

We meet with the new CSM President, Heather Smith this Thursday,  August 17, at 11:00 am. Pray to have another year of the use of this wonderful chapel. May God bless, Deacon

Tr9(2023and Transfig)
DraftofBulletin Deacons Mass

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