Trinity 8 homily and more

“Top of the day!” as the Irish would say upon greeting and my response would be “and the rest of the day to you.”  Best wishes to you as we start the month of August for many who have children going back to school and those who prepare to teach those children. May God give us His guidance.

We were blessed to have a full Mass on the 22nd thanks to Father Andrews coming. We were blessed to have his lovely wife Anneliese also. The Friday before, Nick spearheaded a gathering at his house and it was a spiritual and fun time. Nick even played his ancient pump organ. We are so blessed to have Father Andrews, Nick and a whole family of God lovers in our midst.

We had a lovely sung morning prayer service with the Presanctified Gifts last Saturday. The choral postlude “Fanfare and Air” by Henry Purcell from the 1680”s was very special. This Saturday will include a chanted Litany with sung responses, along with Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts. May God continue to bless this mission church.

For you star gazers, we had a Supermoon last night and we will have a rare blue Supermoon August 30th. It will be the the biggest and brightest Supermoon of 2023. We are blessed to experience God’s creation.


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