Whitsunday service homily and more

From Deacon Ron Reno:
Good morning! Today is Memorial Day, keep in mind “freedom is not free.”  it is a day to honor and mourn those who served and died for our freedoms. Keep in mind your prayers today of that sacrifice and pray for the families that you know who are in the military now. Pray for the families who have served in the past. Thank God for the wonderful country we are blessed to live in.

Father Andrews and Anneliese will be here to celebrate Trinity Sunday. We are a blessed community that this Godly man and his wife come and celebrate the Eucharist with us. Thank you Father for being the loving priest you are. Trinity Sunday celebrates the Church’s faith in the triune God in three persons. Everywhere the New Testament refers to three distinct persons equally divine. An early Christian writer Tertullian coined the the term “Trinity” to refer to the reality of three distinct, equal persons in one God. God revealed to us what we refer to as “The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” because of His love for us. His mission church in Omaha is a reflection of that  trinitarian love. Our belief in the Trinity shows itself by the pouring out of love we have for one another. God is love, says 1John 4:8. John 3:16 is another great scriptural reading. God bless, Deacon

Whitsunday homily and a copy of our bulletin from last Saturday. We were blessed again with the choir singing the Regina Coeli and the postlude “Come, God Creator, Holy Ghost…” We are such a blessed community.

Whitsunday(2023)     2023-05-27_Bulletin

Service time change and more

From Deacon Ron Reno:

Thank God for another wonderful spring day. After the long winter we endured, we are ready for this. We had a wonderful Rogation service with wonderful music. It was a blessing to have Nick sing the Litany, the choir and our people for the chanted responses. That was a very appropriate way start out that service. We are blessed to have our services at the Our Lady of Mercy Chapel on the campus of the the College of Saint Mary. This Saturday is the graduation ceremony for the college and our service will be moved to 11:00 am on Sunday. We need to give thanks to Lynda and CSM for working with us for our time of worship.

The Ascension of Christ is this Thursday May 18th. The Ascension of Christ led to the new evangelization given to our Apostles. This evangelization has led people to know Jesus all over this world. It has led to great churches to be built and mission churches to be started. We are one of those mission churches and our job is to preach His Gospel. This is the Great Commission that God gave us to do after Christ’s Ascension. The Ascension is about Jesus’ triumph and to get our attention off ourselves and allow the Holy Ghost to enter our souls to do this commission. God bless, Deacon

Easter 3 and a Homily

From Deacon Ron Reno:

Thank you Father Andrews for giving us the full Eucharist. It was a blessing to have you and Anneliese for this service. I don’t have Fathers homily to post but I do have one from Father Ponec from 2017 and it is attached. We were blessed with great music from our 1940 Hymnal. We also had a presentation from Deacon Reno about our annual Diocese of the Western States Synod gathering. It was a blessing to attend, mingle with other clergy, meet Priests that I did not know and the Bishops were exceedingly kind to all of us. May God continue to bless His mission church.

Easter 3, 2017