New church time and more

From Deacon Ron Reno:

After church last Saturday, we took a vote and determined meeting at 10:00 on Saturday would be better for all of us. I love our small church family: you are the most humble and God loving people I have ever been around. This mission church is doing God’s work on this earth and I want to thank you for keeping this humbleness and love for Him, His Church, as an important core mission value.

Our Bishop’s are reminding us that humbleness is part of Anglicanism that sets us up apart from more secular churches. The rites and rituals of the church are important and lead us to keep our souls in contact with God. We are called to be holy, which means we do something to increase and grow our faith and love of God. It is our job as a mission church to do that ”missionary call” and evangelize. Let’s invite new people to join us when given the opportunity. This is a call to bring others to Jesus. I have attached Fathers last homily and our last bulletin so people can see the music that was sung at our last gathering. May God bless this mission church, His mission church, Deacon

Please take time to read this homily; it makes an amazing analysis about the three wise men.


First Sunday after Christmas homily and more

From Deacon Ron Reno:

We had a lovely “First Sunday after Christmas Morning Prayer with Communion service.”  Nick and the choir sang two Cornish carols that were exceptional. It was a small group at church but they were mighty. We are all servants of the Lord and doing His will is what saves our souls. We are blessed.

We had a conversation before Christmas about having our services changed to 10 instead of 9:30 on Saturday.  We would like to have a discussion during coffee about the possibility of that change. Please think about this and feel free to discuss your thoughts on this. If you are not available this Saturday; feel free to email Deacon, Nick or Lynda about your opinion. We are all doing our best to do God’s work on this earth and we want to do what is best for our people in this mission church.

We may have a visitor with his family Saturday; Father Paul Thompson from Hancock, Iowa. During COVID we did a baptism of a baby for a member of his closed parish. I do remember that he planned to attend a service when we were at Westminster.

Attached is Father Andrew’s homily along with our bulletin. God bless, Deacon

Saint Mary’s Altar last Sunday