This Sunday’s service and last homily given

From Deacon Ron Reno:

Good morning! Just a reminder that because of a conflict with our College of Saint Mary hosts, we will have the first Sunday in Lent on a Sunday instead of our normal time on Saturday. The service will be at 11 AM. It is a blessing for us to use this chapel. I met with the President of the college, Sister MaryAnne last Tuesday to show our our appreciation for being there. Saint John’s gave her framed inspired original artwork to have. She was very grateful, asked how it was done and said she would hang it on campus for others to see. Lynda came down to see the art before the meeting. Sister MaryAnne likes us, likes our music program and appreciates our work for God’s ministry.

Remember that Lent is a time to fall in love with our faith. Christ on the cross represents all of humanity and self-sacrifice, a true act of love. Saint Thomas Aquinas argues that Christ’s sacrifice was a “fitting” thing for God to do and  His way to demonstrate His love for us. Saint Thomas said that Christ’s obedient death also restores the covenant that Adam broke when he disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. A great homilist would take that and run with it. Attached is last weeks homily and the litany of humility by the KANSASMONKS.ORG.  May God bless us this Lenten season.

Sexagesima homily and more

From Deacon Ron Reno:

Good morning. We have a cold windy day ahead of the snow that is coming. We were blessed with a much needed long and soft rain yesterday. Let’s keep praying for all the people on the recently updated Saint Jude’s Intercessory list.

We are closing out our “gesima” seasons soon. It would good for our mission group to take some time to think of any Lenten resolutions they would like to make for themselves. I would think that praying for the Holy Spirits guidance would be a blessing. Turn off your computers and phones and find God within your quietness and His quiet. Don’t allow interruptions. Praying is like breathing and it needs to be continually done. We have more thoughts on this coming Lent in another email. Father Andrew’s is coming soon and I know he would like to take confessions. There is healing doing these confessions to done by a priest. It is something we don’t talk about, but we need to do. Confessions are good for our soul.

Bishop Ashman is coming on March 18th. Father Andrews is coming on March 4 or the 11th. It is always a blessing for these great men to come for a visit, They represent God’s Grace, God’s educators and God’s Mercy on this earth. Blessings

Father Andrews’ homily, and something on the lighter side, Yoda and Grogu searching for God.


Fourth Sunday after Epiphany and more

From Deacon Ron Reno:

We had a lovely sung Morning Prayer and Communion of the Presanctified Gifts last Saturday. Thank you Nick for doing such a beautiful job leading this MP service commemorating King Charles the Martyr. I especially like how the Caithness as the offertory hymn and Diademata at Postlude were done also. Our four person choir has to be the best in Omaha.

Let’s keep praying the people on the Saint Jude Intercessory List. Please send extra prayers for our very own Joanna Roberts, her family, Deacon Ted, Jeffrey Spencer and especially Archbishop Upham. Pray for traveling mercies for Deb as she goes to visit family in Texas.

Along with Father Andrew’s homily, I am attaching the “Litany of Humility” that is being prayed everyday at the Christendom Academy this week. It speaks of our need to be humble of heart. God bless, Deacon