Fourth Sunday after Easter Homily and more

From Deacon Ron Reno:

Regina Coeli. We have been chanting this antiphon at the end of each service all of Eastertide. It is a chant that dates back to the 13th Century of praise and veneration of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus. From antiquity, Mary has been called “Theotokos” or God bearer (Mother of God) and deserves our gratitude through this Eastertide. The word “Theotokos” has been in use since the early third century. We have had a magnificent festal season this year that has focused on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without Jesus we are nothing and of all things to do, we need to cling our souls to the Risen Lord. Chanting the Regina Coeli honors her and shows our love of God. Because through her, He became incarnate in the flesh. Thank you God.

Father Andrews did not make his journey here last week because of bad weather. We seem to have had many tornadoes dancing all around the eastern part of the state. Many houses have been destroyed and families displaced. We need to pray for them and perhaps we should donate to the Red Cross. The Red Cross here does an admirable job. God willing Father and Anneliese plan to journey here May 11, for the Sunday after Ascension service. We need to pray for traveling mercies for them.

David and Julie are back in town and plan to be here for Rogation Sunday. It is always a blessing for us to see them. They are still members and part of our mission church. It is admirable they have moved to Michigan to be closer to their aging parents. We are thankful that they can be with us often. God bless you two and we will be praying for traveling mercies for you on your travel back.

O ALMIGHTY God, who alone canst order order the unruly wills and affections of sinful men; Grant unto thy people, that they may love the thing which thou commandest, and desire that which thou dost promise; that so, among the sundry and manifold changes of the world, our hearts may surely there be fixed, where true joys are to be found; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.  Collect for Fourth Sunday after Easter.

May God be merciful to all those displaced, Deacon


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